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No Data = No Value

We collect, analyze, calculate and create value from your business data. We believe every company needs to build a digital strategy in order to stay ahead of the competition. Nowadays, companies will not survive without a sustainable digital ecosystem.

Furthermore, with the rise of the promising cryptocurrencies, the future of forecasting and predictive analytics will increase. Your business value depends on future cash flows and business models. It is time to calculate, manage and increase your business value by what we call Social Valuation.

Unlock the pottential of Data

Do you want to know more how to increase the value of your business by implementing a Business Acceleration Framework? In five clear steps Fanalists B.V. will Build a sustainable framework guaranteeing your digital network increase in value.

Value of Data

Are you interested to receive the value of your business online, within 5 business days? Here is what you need to do.


The Value of Data is Powered by P.I.M. ( Performance & Investment Management), wich is located in The Netherland

What do we do?

– We calculate and provide your Business value online within 5 business days.

– We increase your business value by implementing a structured advice on how to build a sustainable digital strategy.

– We provide you with the latest insights from the market and recent developments regarding the value of data

An implementation of a sustainable digital strategy is performed in close cooperation with Fanalists.

Futhermore, The Value of data works close together with DDMC, which is the innovative and inspirational force behind our believes.

About us

P.N. (Pim) van Berkel MSc (Owner and Managing Director of TVOD and P.I.M.) has over 20 years of experience in Finance. He started his career at one of the big four auditing firms. After an auditor and management consultant, he served several management positions as a Finance Director and interim CFO. He worked for companies like TNT, Givaudain, Sunweb and Nayak. Besides, Pim is a lecturer at Nyenrode New Business School, where he is teaching and coaching students in several Financial subjects.


Fanalists B.V. is a data driven Business Acceleration company, owned by Jube company, DDMCA and Southfields. It is their mission to organize all fan information of companies in the Sport, Media, and Entertainment industry. In this way, the company can increase the potential of their current business and create new business models to accelerate their goals.

DDMCA, owned and managed by Denis Doeland, is the most innovative management company related to organizing the digital world. Denis is advising big corporates how to organise their digital strategies. Having a strong background in the Dance industry (ID&T), Denis is giving workshops and Masterclasses. Besides, he work the book “”

Are you curious what the value is of your company?