"Corporate valuation becomes History; Social Valuation is the future”

Your Business value, online available,                                           within 5 working days for only € 850

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We include your potential value of data within your Business valuation, where others only value your current financial position.


Strategic consultancy to increase your business value based on your digital environment.

unlock the potential

Why not fully unlock the potential of your digital environment today?

What is Social Valuation?

Social valuation is an increase of your Business Value by being able to contain, spread, maintain and optimize current and new digital relationships, on several internet platforms, from which additional future cash flow can be generated, evidently.

Most of the times, the value of your business is calculated by academic professionals having high overhead costs. Multiple meetings are necessary to support their findings and are necessary to make up for their price level. Within ‘The Value of Data’, we believe the value of your business can be offered online against a lower price. This is because more and more data is available on the internet, including predictive analytics and all kinds of trends.

The key thing to discover is to unlock your value of your data within your company, by generating and implementing new business models.

Main Reasons to purchase your online Business Valuation:

1. To have a first impression of the value of your business; 

a. To start managing your business results from a digital perspective  

2. To increase the value of your data by implementing a Business Acceleration Framework;

3. To increase your negotiation opportunities when financing your company: 

a. Valuation of total Shareholder Equity

b. A starting point for M&A negotiations

c. Finding new financial funds (crowdfunding or VC’s)

There is no better time as now to find out what your Business value is

What do you receive?

 A summary report with a current valuation of your business.

This can be useful for: 

  • Planning & Control cycles 
  • Management meetings to increase Shareholders value
  • Valuation of Equity value
  • Starting point for M&A negotiations 
  • A valuation of the shares to support a transfer of the shares (e.g. Donation, investor, divorce, etc..)

How does it work

– Send two financial statements of the past 2 years

– Preferably, send a forecast of the next 1 to 3 years

– Send us your Social media platforms and related followers

any questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does an additional Social network add any value to my business

a. Answer: More Social networks will normally attract new people and followers. Whenever these followers are already on one of the current Social networks, it will not add any value. Only valid and single new followers will add value to your business.

2. Should we hire a Chief Digital Officer (CDO)?

a. Answer: This decision is really up to you. We believe the whole company and all of its staff needs to start thinking digital and they should use their own digital network to increase the value of your business. By hiring a CDO, this doesn’t happen automatically. The CDO should create such an environment and should make an impact on the whole organisation.

3. How can we start to increase our Business value by using Social Media?

a. Answer: At first, Try to collect as much as details from your followers, such as email addresses and phone numbers. Secondly, what do they like? try to figure out which other business are they interested in? Is it possible to start a partnetship with this business? If so, contract them and start increasing your cash flows.

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