Waarom Spinnin’ Records zijn 100 miljoen dubbel en dwars waard is. 

Eelko van Kooten and Roger de Graaf sold their company Spinnin’ Records for over 100 miljoen euro. In this article we explain in simple wordings how valuation is done, using their digital network. Read more

Valuation of data

Marketing profiles are created by way of collecting and analysing content from social media channels. What drives the target audience who follow an artist, DJ or foodballer on Facebook, Twitter or YotTube? Which clothing brands are popular within the target audience? What else do they like to attract new sponsorships and advertisements? read more 

 Does data have a price, finally? 

Much has been written about the currently fashionable term ‘Big Data’ . The value of data is frequently ‘discussed’ online as well. But what is a reasonable value? Has data recently been given an actual price? The acquisition by American SFX Entertainment of the Dutch company ID&T, appears to give an insight into the actual value of data. Read more